1. A single word on a decorated stone.
2. A series of words on a decorated stone
3. A set of decorated stones.+

We can incorporate simple imagery for you, this will be in sympathy with the sentiment/meaning the stone carries.

There are 3 distinct types of commission.

1. A single word.
If you wish simply for a name to be inscribed on a decorated stone, for yourself, or as a gift, 
this is very straight forward and inexpensive.

2. A series of words.

Lines from a favourite Song of Poem. Quotes or sayings.

Anniversary or Birthday commemorative gifts. A very personal statement of your thoughtfulness and care.This can be designed to incorporate any significant life event,  people,  qualities or strengths  of the person to receive it.

Stones with a map like quality are beautifully suited to inscriptions like
"Oceans of  Bliss"
"Lands of Liesure" etc.                    

A Family Tree, (with or without dates), makes a priceless, timeless heirloom which can be added to over time.

3. A set of stones .

Weddings/dinner parties....Name-place-settings.

These are very welcome favours to remind your guests of the special occassion.

A set of stones to represent friends or family.

A set of ABC stones for a treasured child, to hold and play with.
So much more versatile and inspiring than a uniform set of bricks etc.
These will inspire and nourish  their young imagination in the same way that the natural world does.!

A set of Chakra stones, co-created with an emphasis on healing and affirming.
Because the words on our Stones can be read and received on many levels, they will resonate  with the receiver  right now...
where ever they are at that moment, today.


 We are often  commissioned to encapsulate an edge of Growth and Healing,in words, such as...

 "It is safe for me to express myself" '

We love to co-create....... bring what ever ideas you have and enjoy the exploration together!