Workshop 1
More Than Stones!

Whole day working with...




...and leaves

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Workshop 2
Mask & Sparkle

Mask... a bit like Batik... the areas you 'Mask' stay white,
(or whatever colours are underneath)

be as bling or as subtle as you like

Night Skies...



and wonder!!

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Workshop 3
Finding the Stone's Story
This workshop is a voyage of discovery

Stones and rocks are the territory and you are the explorer!

My ambition for each work-shop participant is for you to discover
what delights and inspires you in each stone. With these exciting
discoveries you'll create something unique to you,
simply by following the stone and what it suggests!

What is it you notice/love?


What attracts you?

What do you want to bring out emphasise or enhance?

Do you love subtle markings & smooth surfaces?

Are you excited by bold patterns or quirky shapes?

The aim of this Work-shop is to inspire, encourage and support
you in finding your interpretation or vision of each stone's unique
combination of qualities
In other words what does the stone say to you?

I will offer the techniques and 'tricks' I have developed to manage the challenges of enhancing each stone in a way that 'fits' it.

The extent to which you choose to adorn your stone or add your 'stamp' is entirely yours, there is no rule or judgement, no right or wrong. Some of us prefer a subtle approach, others prefer to make a bolder statement

For me it depends upon the stone.
Whatever your preference this work-shop will support you.


The addition of imagery is also explored.

I will teach you my process for bringing out imagery you already perceive half stated by the marks on a stone.

I will also teach you to add entirely new images in a way which is in keeping with the integrity of the stone, for instance by using the colours already inherent in the stone.

And lastly we will explore the use of words & calligraphy... their arrangement, size, different fonts, etc

We might even touch on the use of metaphor and meaning!

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Workshop 4
3D Metallic Wax Cards

I've created a brand new technique!
Be among the first to explore this with me

Using found black & white images of anything with 3D
potential, (e.g. petals, fish-scales... waves),
we paint melted wax over the pictures
to create 3 dimensional effects

Then we choose:
Paint with traditional acrylics,
or treat it with metallic powders,
seal it &
colour it with fantastic vivid inks!!

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Workshop 1 - More than Stones

Next workshop TBA

Workshop 2 - Mask & Sparkle

Saturday 23rd March 2019

Workshop 3 - Finding the Stone's Story

Next workshop TBA

Workshop 4 - 3D Metallic Wax

Saturday 30th March 2019

Slow down, get away from technology, use your senses intuitively


My workshops are suitable for anyone, whether you consider yourself creative/artistic or not.

If you are someone who picks up pebbles on the beach, pockets them and brings them home, this workshop is
for you!

I encourage an atmosphere of mutual support to create an environment as free as possible from the pressure of competition.

This helps us have the confidence to explore and discover in our own way, to enjoy the creative processes as well as the finished results.

I have numerous techniques to teach you which you can then explore and combine in your own way.

Tools are provided and all materials are included in the price.

You will take away a hand-out listing the materials used for which techniques and a list of suppliers.

There is also an opportunity to purchase small quantities of the materials from me to enable you to continue at home at a minimal cost.

There are hundreds of stones to choose from and no restriction on how many you can use.

If you have treasured stones at home you are welcome to bring them along to work on.

The course runs from 10am to 5pm with an hours lunch break between 1 - 2

I provide basic refreshments throughout the day.
Lunch is up to you... you can bring lunch to share, (my personal favourite), or purchase from the local corner shop.

Courses are held at my home/studio
145 Valley Way

Places are limited to 8 per course so book early to avoid

Fees for all one day Workshops

Save £5 off each person
when you book 21 days prior to event
(or by booking immediately if
advertised late)
Booking one work-shop Booking two work-shops
Adult Child Adult Child
53 45 85 75


* As a rough guide children should be 8 years or older, but most importantly able to focus.
** Early bird rate applies to all bookings made at least 21 days prior to the workshop.

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Cancellation Policy
A full refund is guaranteed if cancelling 28 days or more prior to the date of the workshop.

Cancelling between 14 and 28 days prior to the workshop
date will receive a refund of...... 75%
7 - 14 days...... 50%
less than 7 days...... 25%
48 hours or less........ 0%